✰✰✰ Hey my name is Jordan Phillips! ✰✰✰

I am the creator of AustinBeads ; read below to learn about me.

My Story

Hello everyone,

I want to thank you for clicking on my site, and taking the time to check it out:)

My name is Jordan Phillips, I am 15 years old and I live in Austin, TX . I started making jewelry when I was about eleven years old, but I really got into it when I started my company back up in Austin. I sold my jewelry mostly locally through the social media platform Instagram, and it was a hit. Girls at my school stocked up on jewelry immediately and in a week I had payed my mom back all the money she invested into supplies for me. I took it to the next level by having occasional trunk shows at some local boutiques, such as Francesca’s and a store named Lavo. Many people would come to support, but my biggest supporters were always my parents.

My mom always made sure to help me create jewelry, and she always gave me her input. She bought me supplies, when I did not have time to go with her. My Dad always believed in me, even when I stopped making jewelry for awhile he never let me forget about it, or about how proud he was of what I did. I credit all my success to my parents.

One of the biggest challenges I faced and still face while pursuing my dreams of being a successful businesswoman is making time. Along side my company, I play tennis. In fact, I go to a school made for tennis players a “tennis school”. That school is ATA College Prep, a fully accredited private school. I play five to six hours a day, along side my classes meaning I do not get home till late at night. I typically have tournaments on the weekends, and it is important to me that I have all my work done so I can make jewelry and ship out orders , alongside seeing my friends.

Running my own company is truly both a joy, and a privilege. Opening this site is my next step to expanding and growing my company. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, and my creations!

- Jordan Phillips
Isaiah 40:31